In Defense of Jaden Smith: an MS Paint comic

The widespread criticism of Jaden Smith tweets on social media like Facebook, Reddit, and Quora attests to a huge, unresolved hypocrisy in modern internet discourse. It’s insane how people who have never touched a work of classical literature in their lives have the nerve to throw insults at an innocent 16-year old who has, in all honesty, performed much more introspection and self-reflection than any of they have from their cozy, philosophical armchairs.

So I made a parody of a well-known MS Paint comic. Don’t make too much of it. The originals that I used are: (base image) (variant example)

jaden smith

Compiled poetry #1

“night at the colosseum”
fried snacks and oil from a greasy pan,
booze trapped in containers far from home,
at night the windows shine bright with light,
as he reads on but remembers none.

at the gymnasium he strives to meet,
an image captured in statues and ideals,
yet he destroys and he steals with a band of friends:
in a life of brattish violence.

he’ll never see the bigger picture,
a life beyond his home,
for in his heart he’ll always be
a hooligan from Rome.

Silently pondering,
Saint Ambrose was the first man
To read for himself

In years long ago,
There was a man just like me,
Lost in a great sea

Wintry mists away,
A lumbering beast awakens,
Greeting the sun with a yawn.