Asian-Americans: the American Left is not your ally

Isn’t there something wrong with the fact that people like Chris Rock can simultaneously argue for diversity at the Oscars while making racist jokes at the expense of Asian people?

If an Asian man had brought three little black children to the stage during the Oscars instead of three little Chinese children, wouldn’t that have made you uncomfortable?

Don’t you think it’s funny how people shudder at the idea of making racist jokes against black people, but jokes against Asians are still considered perfectly acceptable in polite society?

Chris Rock will get away with his casual racism. After a few weeks, no one will remember any of this. No one will recall the pain that Asian-Americans felt during the Oscars. Why is this? Because no one, not even your white and black liberal friends, not even your non-Asian girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse, cares or understands anything about Asian-American issues.

Are you an Asian-American liberal Democrat? Aren’t you tired of all of this? Please consider the following points:

  1. Asian-Americans are the most financially prosperous ethnic group in America, which means that higher taxes from Democratic policies will burden a higher percentage of Asians than members of any other racial group.
  2. Asian-Americans commit the least crime among all races, so they therefore stand to benefit the least out of any ethnic group from leftist dialog regarding drug policies, prison reform, and the treatment of criminals.
  3. Asian-Americans value hard work, success, and achievement, and benefit the least from left-wing state welfare programs. Meanwhile, the American left has essentially ignored the problem of the bamboo ceiling, i.e. the systematic discrimination of Asian workers within Silicon Valley and Wall Street, despite the fact that the Asian wage gap is even larger than the female wage gap.
  4. Asians are the most highly educated ethnic group in America, yet they suffer the most out of any ethnic group from the left-wing policy of Affirmative Action. Asians need on average 140 more SAT points to get the same consideration as an equally-qualified white candidate, and 450 more SAT points if that student is black. At Harvard, the percentage of Asian-American students is essentially the same as it was in 1992 despite the fact that the number of Asian applications has doubled since then. Whether or not you agree with the ultimate goal of Affirmative Action, the end result is an institution of essentially systematic, state-supported discrimination which creates large amounts of Asian-American suffering.
  5. The vast majority of Asian-Americans immigrate to the United States legally and obtain naturalized citizenship, yet American Democrats want to protect illegal immigrants who refuse to undertake the naturalization process or aren’t capable of doing so. Voting for the Democratic party as an Asian-American essentially delegitimizes the hard-earned, legally-valid citizenship which your parents or grandparents fought to obtain. Conservative immigration policies actually confer greater benefits to Asian-Americans.
  6. Asian-Americans are apparently people-of-color, but for some strange reason, Asian-American issues are constantly ignored in American media. For example, did you know that black-on-Asian crime was systematically downplayed in San Francisco? Do any of your friends talk about or even care about what happened to Peter Liang? Why was it so easy and so natural for a Chinese student at Yale to be completely silenced and humiliated by her black American classmates during the Mizzou protests? The reason that you haven’t heard about Asian-American issues isn’t because they don’t exist. It’s because the American left has been systematically silencing them. After all, the Asian-American story of meritocracy, hard work, and success doesn’t fit comfortably into the narrative of “oppressed minorities”.

Asian-Americans are called the “model minority” for a good reason: they simply are not cut from the same cloth as oppressed minorities, impoverished criminals, and illegal immigrants. Asian-Americans do not belong in this category of people, and there is no reason for Asians to vote like they do. If you’re an Asian, stop identifying yourself with oppressed people-of-color. Asian-Americans aren’t them.

Perhaps you walk the path of a left-wing Democrat because of your sympathy for the poor, your understanding of the oppressed, and the vague feeling that being a bleeding heart liberal who donates all of your time and energy into issues from which you will never benefit is somehow the right thing to do. But haven’t Asian people already given enough? Aren’t Asians already stereotyped as being too submissive, too Confucian, and too generous? Aren’t you sick and tired of being a walking doormat? Aren’t you fed up with people accusing you of being a “follower, not a leader”? Isn’t it annoying when people exoticize you, asking, “Where are you from?”, telling you to “lighten up” and “learn how to take a joke” when you express your legitimate frustration?

Why not be selfish for once? You have so much sympathy for the poor and the oppressed, but where is your sympathy for your fellow Asians? Don’t you see that they, too, are suffering, and that no one is helping them, no one is doing any journalism on their behalf, and that if you do not help them, then no one will? Asian-Americans have almost nothing to gain from left-wing Democratic policies, but they have everything to lose. 

Why not vote for the political party that will put more money in your pockets and focus on policies that Asian-Americans will actually benefit from? At least Republicans are honest about their xenophobic tendencies. The American left is just as racist as the GOP and really care nothing about Asian-American issues — they just won’t tell you that to your face.

Objection: If white and Jewish people, especially the educated ones, can feel fine voting for Hillary or Bernie, then why shouldn’t Asian-Americans?

Response: Asian-Americans are not like (most) white people or (most) Jews because they still have social issues that they care about and want to solve for themselves. Asian people are still missing so much, and these issues will never be fixed until you take a stand and realize that the American left is not your friend.

Why do you even think that you agree with leftism? When was the last time you genuinely sought to understand a conservative viewpoint on a social or fiscal issue? Maybe you’re actually a political conservative and just don’t know it. Honestly, I don’t really care whether you vote Republican or Democrat or something else. Maybe reading this blog post actually solidified your conviction in leftism, and even if that happened, I would still be happy. I just want you to understand that the American left has been selfishly pursuing its own agenda for many years, and Asian-Americans haven’t been invited to the party. The Democratic party is far from some sort of magic bullet that will make Asian people’s lives better. It’s actually a poison that will make them worse off.

Asian-Americans are basically forced into two choices: (1) become politically active, vote Democrat, and try to reform the American left from within, or (2) stay politically apathetic, vote Republican, accumulate material success, take up positions of power, and then fix Asian-American issues as an outsider. In other words, you can either be a politically-active Democrat or a quiet, career-focused Republican. Considering that the vast majority of Asian-Americans are extremely uninvolved in politics and hate the idea of getting careers in government, which party is the better choice? You tell me.

One thought on “Asian-Americans: the American Left is not your ally

  1. Honest critique on a real issue. Nevertheless, I find myself siding with the American Left; ignorance does not equate to malice or willful omission. Acts in the latter case are committed by those controlling the media, and it isn’t surprising for racial issues to be under-reported… let alone Asian-American discrimination.

    I would rather side with Left ideology and hope for progress rather than stagnate while other racial minorities are left to burn. Friends, coworkers, family in some cases. Improvements in the quality of life are a matter of triage.

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