My name is Theodore Kong. I loaf around in the West Coast and provide ramblings and comments in this blog. Please take a look!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Can you make post about the meaning of the song “Nijigen dream fever” ?
    heres a youtube Attachment >>>>> /watch?v=eJhCAnjz8ZA

  2. Greetings Theodore.Recently something caught my attention in ‘Theodore‚Äôs Level Chart to Existential Frameworks’ (https://finewhiningandbreathing.wordpress.com/tag/buddhism/)
    . Would you mind explaining what is meant by ‘Suical thoughts are just as arbitrary as the desire to live’ in the note on ‘essential belief’ under ‘Level 6’. That statement reminds me of Camus to an effect but I think, I would be missing out on something if I only regarded it as such. I am open to any replies and thank you majorly.

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