Asian-Americans: the American Left is not your ally

Isn’t there something wrong with the fact that people like Chris Rock can simultaneously argue for diversity at the Oscars while making racist jokes at the expense of Asian people?

If an Asian man had brought three little black children to the stage during the Oscars instead of three little Chinese children, wouldn’t that have made you uncomfortable?

Don’t you think it’s funny how people shudder at the idea of making racist jokes against black people, but jokes against Asians are still considered perfectly acceptable in polite society?

Chris Rock will get away with his casual racism. After a few weeks, no one will remember any of this. No one will recall the pain that Asian-Americans felt during the Oscars. Why is this? Because no one, not even your white and black liberal friends, not even your non-Asian girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse, cares or understands anything about Asian-American issues.

Are you an Asian-American liberal Democrat? Aren’t you tired of all of this? Please consider the following points:

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