Why “The Stanley Parable” Sucks and the Problem of Engineer Philosophy

adventure line

For a game that claims to be about free choice and determinism, The Stanley Parable sure fails on every account to engage in a meaningful philosophical dialogue. It makes me sad to see such a potentially compelling narrative medium wasted on a boring, pretentious, and unambitious storyline. The game is cute and a little funny, but that’s all it ever ends up being. It tries very hard to be deep and clever and philosophical, but the writing makes it pretty clear that the author hasn’t read a single hard book in his life. What good is “intellectual humor” written by a non-intellectual?

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Unsurprisingly, “Gone Home” Sucks

Good news, friends: If you were one of those people who thought that “Gone Home” was an awful pile of indie game garbage, you are not alone. Despite what every brainwashed reviewer on IGN and Reddit will tell you, you are actually the ones with good taste. Congratulations! To the rest of you, I can only express my condolences. You have been misled, completely exploited for your money.

gone home fucking sucks

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