Minipost: The domain is now in my hands, and by the way Madoka still sucks

You can try it for yourself: I also revised the blog post a bit to make it more readable. I doubt that very many people will be typing “Madoka Sucks” or “” into their browser anytime soon, but maybe I can get a laugh out of this someday.

I also took a look at the existing results for “Madoka Sucks”, and they’re okay. Most of the search results are too generous with the show and are pretty poorly written. It sure feels good to be the best.

smug benten


Micropost — from a friend of mine

Micropost: Why are moral utilitarians so edgy and apathetic? Utilitarianism is probably the only school of ethics that promotes itself as being  “thoughtful” and “logical” even though it requires the least  logic or thought to begin with.