You already believe in God: a concise and modern argument

You heard me. You already believe in God. Atheism is logically impossible. Why? Because the definition of God is so broad and wide-reaching that it is essentially impossible to disbelieve. If you live in the modern West, you cannot exempt yourself from this, unless perhaps if you are: 1. a traditional Buddhist (no, shitty individualized English sutra-recitation doesn’t count), 2. a real nihilist (of whom there are very few), or 3. a radical ultra-skeptic (you do not qualify for this title if you browse Reddit or watch Rick & Morty).

So what’s a decent definition of God? Let’s start with what the Bhagavad Gita says:

I am the goal of life … I am the beginning, the staying, and the end of creation … I am what is and what is not.”

There is no truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread.”

We can see here at least four things identifiable with God: the purpose of life, the entirety of the universe, Existence itself, and Absolute truth. What does this mean for atheism? It means that if you believe in any of these things, you believe in God. This is not something that most people can choose to disbelieve in. Although there are many who claim that human life has no meaning, there are few who are willing to say that the universe has no origin, that Existence does not exist, or that truth is not truth. Western atheism is, fundamentally, not about belief or disbelief but about definitions. If you believe that there is existence, you must believe in God.

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Return to no one

Hello, no one. You haven’t missed me, but I have certainly missed [sharing stuff with] you! I am back, and probably I am here to stay.

You might have read an old anime review from me many years ago. Or you might be loitering around because of my Ping Pong soundtrack download (by the way, that show is still the best anime ever made). Perhaps you’re lacking in your consumption of strange opinions on the internet, in which case you’ll find my blog to be an interesting read. If you’re looking to hear a diverse and fresh voice, maybe you will find it here.

I won’t be writing much about anime or video games this time. What really interests me nowadays is classical philosophy, medieval history, esoteric theology, politics, and the pursuit of a good and virtuous life.

Why have I decided to start this up again? Not because I have any novel opinions to share with you — really, I don’t. Most of what I will talk about can be summed up by a few key authors synthesized together in interesting ways and applied to the particularly weird world we live in, which suffers from all sorts of modern diseases. The reason I am writing to you is because my world has changed, my ideas have changed, and I see not much public representation of these ideas, especially not by eloquent people. Friends, acquaintances, and random drunk people I meet at parties enjoy hearing me talk, so I hope that this particular type of person is satisfied by what I write.

My name is Theodore Kong, and I’m a layabout with a Bachelor’s degree in Medieval History and Applied Mathematics. I invite you to take a look at whatever I happen to write in these next few months!