In Defense of Jaden Smith: an MS Paint comic

The widespread criticism of Jaden Smith tweets on social media like Facebook, Reddit, and Quora attests to a huge, unresolved hypocrisy in modern internet discourse. It’s insane how people who have never touched a work of classical literature in their lives have the nerve to throw insults at an innocent 16-year old who has, in all honesty, performed much more introspection and self-reflection than any of they have from their cozy, philosophical armchairs.

So I made a parody of a well-known MS Paint comic. Don’t make too much of it. The originals that I used are: (base image) (variant example)

jaden smith


Compiled poetry #1

“night at the colosseum”
fried snacks and oil from a greasy pan,
booze trapped in containers far from home,
at night the windows shine bright with light,
as he reads on but remembers none.

at the gymnasium he strives to meet,
an image captured in statues and ideals,
yet he destroys and he steals with a band of friends:
in a life of brattish violence.

he’ll never see the bigger picture,
a life beyond his home,
for in his heart he’ll always be
a hooligan from Rome.

Silently pondering,
Saint Ambrose was the first man
To read for himself

In years long ago,
There was a man just like me,
Lost in a great sea

Wintry mists away,
A lumbering beast awakens,
Greeting the sun with a yawn.

What is the “Parasyte Glare”? A look at Madhouse’s currently-airing anime

What does it mean for something to be faithful to the original work? Producing a faithful adaptation involves more than just copying the precise happenings of a story. It’s about capturing the spirit of the original work. And unfortunately, Madhouse does an injustice to Hitoshi Iwaaki’s original manga, transforming the story from a classic horror story to a new age science fiction action anime.

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A quick look at Don Hertzfeldt’s Simpsons Couch Gag

As you might have guessed, I really like Don Hertzfeldt’s couch gag. I enjoy how deeply unsettling it is, dragging a 20-second couch gag into a long 2 minute demonstration of grotesque and absurd animations. Hertzfeldt turns Homer, Lisa, and Bart into caricatures of themselves who are only capable of saying bastardized catch phrases like “D’oh!”, “Don’t have a cow, man,” and “I am Lisa Simpson”. Maggie, who has very little personality at all in the show, simply becomes a vehicle for advertising Simpsons merchandise, and the entire kitchen-cube scene here seems to indicate that the quality and integrity of the Simpsons TV show will only decrease over time, eventually reaching such a low point as to become the absurd repetition of catch phrases. (On a side note, I dislike how Marge says “Praise the dark lord of the twin moons” — the line sounds cheesy and detracts from what Hertzfeldt has already presented.)

The future Homer then realizes that he “has memories,” and the couch gag launches into what is, in my opinion, the best part. We see Homer look back into post-modern snippets of “future” Simpsons episodes, each of which contain quintessential Simpsons themes. We see a robotic Homer and Marge standing on metallic stilts standing quietly on a jagged mountain range. Although robotic, the couple is still in touch with their core humanness, and Marge touches Homer and says, “Still love you, Homer,” a theme which is mirrored in many present-day episodes of the show. In the next scene, the Simpsons family is reduced to yellow, single-celled organisms, fluttering in a sea of liquid as if in a cohesive bacterial colony, declaring that they “are happy family.” Finally, in the far future, Homer and Marge are both warped into alien-like entities incapable of traditional speech, but even then they retain their fundamental selves. As the warped Marge Simpson speaks, a message appears on the screen: “I will never forget you.” — and as the two figures disappear, first Marge and then Homer, into an endless black void, Hertzfeldt beckons us to consider how meaningful such the promise can be.

Finished pondering, Homer looks at his family once again. The promise was broken. With the family reduced to robotic, characterless parrots only capable of talking in catch phrases, they have already forgotten Homer and themselves. Realizing this, Homer concludes the scene with a mournful “D’oh.”

Modern Existentialism in Vocaloid: “Common World Domination” by Pinocchio-P

This song is awesome. It’s catchy, has a lovely music video, and it’s philosophical. Watch it and share your thoughts.

“Common World Domination” is a modernist narrative about the fruitlessness of material obsessions. You can see this right from the beginning with the motif of the skeletons collapsing, which represents how no creature can escape from returning to skeletal dust. Meanwhile, the band-aid motif represents the superficial and artificial ways in which people try to escape from their problems. The narrator (whom I’ll just call “Miku”) is a classic modern intellectual filled with apathy and the burdens of consciousness, who compares and contrasts herself with “you”, the viewer.

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Download the Ping Pong OST v2 Bundle + Extra [FLAC and 320 kbps]

In response to various and very legitimate criticisms of my previous torrents, here is a revised v2 bundle of the audio with the Extra soundtrack files included as well. Album art, tagging, and everything has been included now. This is the soundtrack for Ping Pong: The Animation, ready for download.


  • Where are the Japanese track titles? These ARE the Japanese track titles. The box set comes completely with English titles, except for Track 39 on Disc 1, Te no Hira wo Tai You ni.
  • Did you actually purchase the whole box set? Yeah, it was awesome.
  • How much did the box set cost? Can I still buy it? Yes, you can still buy it. It was about 300 dollars.
  • What is the encoding and quality on the mp3 files? The mp3 files are encoded with FLACSquisher with quality mode set to 320 kbps. Average bit rate is around 300 kbps.

FLAC Torrent:

320 kbps (really!) mp3 Torrent:

And as always, the YouTube playlist:

ping pong cover

Ping Pong: The Animation EXTRA OST! [320 kbps] with download

UPDATE! Please check out version 2 of this torrent here:


The Ping Pong box set comes with an EXTRA ost, so here it is:

320 kbps MP3 Torrent:

320 kbps MP3 DDL, with metadata tags*:

*Contributed by a kind user on /a/

Ping Pong: The Animation OST [320 kbps], with download links

UPDATE! Please check out version 2 of this torrent here:

My Ping Pong: The Animation box set just came in today, and I’m uploading all the files to youtube.

By the way, if you enjoyed Ping Pong, please feel free to look at my analysis of it

YouTube playlist:

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FLAC Torrent:

320 kbps MP3 Torrent: